Thing 12: Conferences

View image | So far in my professional life, I have attended a grand total of 1 conference. It was the annual CILIP New Professionals conference. This was a couple of years ago (October 2013), just after I finished my Masters degree (in fact, 2 days after I had submitted my thesis!). I was […]

Thing 11: Time Management (Reflective Practice)

Time management. Now there's a thing. I can easily spend so much time managing time that I end up with no time to do anything else! Time time time! View image | I test and reject and retry and implement all kinds of time management tools - todo lists, calendar reminders, e-mail, bullet lists […]

Thing 10: Live Streaming

View image | If I had to use one word to describe my experience with live streaming, it would be frustrating. I haven't live streamed anything myself, nor have I participated directly in an event, but I have spectated a few. A couple of months ago, I tried to watch the live stream of […]

Thing 9: Video

I am back from my summer holiday now, where I walked from the National Library of Wales (Aberystwyth) across the whole country to Book Town (Hay-on-Wye). Books and walking - what's not to love?! So here I am, refreshed and ready for the next Rudaí 23 Thing - videos. The task for this Thing was […]

Key web trends layed out like the Tokyo Subway map.

Thing 8: Curation Tools

The internet is full of Great Stuff (GS). It is, however, even fuller of Stuff of Questionable Value (SQV). How, then, do we sort through All The Stuff (ATS) to separate the eWheat from the iChaff? That's where we information professionals come in to our own! Libraries and librarians have long been about finding the […]

A picture of a microphone and headphones

Thing 7: Podcasts

I have been listening to podcasts for many years - they have long helped me through my various commutes to work when reading has not been an option. They also help to relieve the tedium of housework - and even make it something to look forward to! I have often thought about what kind of […]

Me and my library card, reflected in a mirror.

Thing 6: Reflective Practice

This Thing is about developing a habit of reflecting on what we are learning on the course, and to harness this reflective habit in our working lives, too. I have found the course more interesting and engaging than I feared I might - I consider myself proficient in many of the areas covered by this […]

Thing 5: Online Networks

I am not new to online networks. I've been on Twitter since 2008, and Facebook since 2007. At last count, I have two and a half personal twitter accounts (one private, one public and one shared with my partner) as well as a work one. I have a facebook profile (personal) and a facebook page […]

A screencap of a Google Hangout session with bright green spectacles drawn on my face.

Thing 4: Google

This Thing has been looking at the iBehemoth that is Google - primarily Google+ and Hangouts. I must confess to not being a big fan of G+ or Hangouts. I also find Google's whole ecosystem a little discomfiting. I don't particularly want to give them my phone number and let them access my web cam […]

Thing 3

I've fallen a bit behind with the Rudaí Things already - mainly due to going away last weekend. But I will have some time over the next couple of weeks to catch up, before I inevitably fall behind again in mid August when I go on holiday. But for now, here are my brief thoughts […]