Learning from failures

My school took part in Bookbuzz - a programme run by the Book Trust whereby students get to choose a title from a specially selected range of books, and the school buys it for the kids to keep. This was great - the kids were rearly enthused and excited by the process, and it was […]

Book Review: Illustrated Canterbury Tales - Geoffrey Chaucer

Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer My rating: 4 of 5 stars Thanks to The Reading Zone and the publisher for the review copy. Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales has a revered place in British culture - it is often said to have heralded the birth of modern English Literature. First written in the 14th century, it is […]

Book Review: The Lie Tree - Frances Hardinge

I'm introducing a new feature to this blog - Book Review Tuesday! Every Tuesday, I will try to upload a book review here. And the first one is this corker: Costa Children's Book Of The Year The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge.   The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge My rating: 5 of 5 stars […]

Quick and Easy Design

Last week - at short notice - I was told that I needed to put together some reading lists to hand out to parents and students when they came in to school on Student Review Day (SRD) to encourage them to visit the school library. I added this job to my never-ending, ever-expanding list of […]

Thing 23: Making It Work Together

Here it is - the final Thing! I made it! A lot of ground has been covered in these 23 Things, so an obvious question is, "How do I stay on top of all these tools, platforms, streams and other gubbins?". An answer would be to have a look at Rudaí23's final Thing! They suggest […]

Thing 22: Mobile Things

As recommended by Thing 22 - Mobile Things, I have been been playing around with the fashionably retro app, Gum. The app's creators describe Gum as "the social network of things". Sounds great, but doesn't tell you very much - but luckily, the app is about as simple as apps get these days. The website […]

Thing 21: Infographics

Infographics are a fun and striking way to present information and have caught on in a big way. I have been a fan of David McCandless' work for a while now - if you haven't already, you should check out his books Information Is Beautiful and Knowledge Is Beautiful. Are infographics better than a traditional Excel/PowerPoint […]

Things 19 and 20: The Legals and Presentations

I am in danger of losing my momentum with Rudaí23 Things, so in an effort to get back in the swing of writing - and to get caught up so I can finish the course in time - I am going to look briefly at two Things in this post: Thing 19 - The Legal […]

Thing 18: Communicating through photographs

You know what they say about pictures and words. Instagram I run an Instagram account in my school library at the moment (although, I must confess, I have neglected it since the summer holidays. I must rectify that this week). I tweet pictures of new stock, author visits, events and random bits of loveliness that […]

Thing 17: Reflective Practice 3/Augmented Reality revisited

View image | gettyimages.com Rudaí 23 has definitely been worth the time and effort I have put into it. I have implemented a number of things that I have learnt on these Things. This is the story of one such implementation. "Here, have a look at this cool thing I've been playing with," I said […]