Do we live in a "post-truth" society? One where facts and knowledge aren't valued, where "experts" are dismissed for being killjoys? I hope not, but there has been a marked increase in this anti-intellectual, anti-fact rhetoric from certain (highly successful) political circles recently. Alongside this post-truth menace come deceit and lies, which have recently been rebranded […]

To school librarians, public libraries, librarian knights, custodians of our culture, you taught me well. I'll never forget you.

Chris Riddell and the Campaign for School Libraries

Libraries are having a hard time of it at the moment. The plight of public libraries is well documented, and it breaks my heart. As much as they may want to, however, the government cannot just close public libraries willy nilly. Thanks to the Public Libraries and Museums act of 1964, Public Libraries are protected […]

Thing 13: Professional Organisations

I joined CILIP while doing my Masters - our lecturers encouraged us to join, but I got mixed signals from them about the usefulness of CILIP as an organisation. I was working in a public library at the time, and I got the impression that there weren't many librarians in my local authority who were […]

Thing 12: Conferences

View image | So far in my professional life, I have attended a grand total of 1 conference. It was the annual CILIP New Professionals conference. This was a couple of years ago (October 2013), just after I finished my Masters degree (in fact, 2 days after I had submitted my thesis!). I was […]