Book Review: Faith Vol 1 - Hollywood and Vine

Faith Herbert, also known as Zephyr (sometimes also known as Summer Smith) is a superhero in the Valiant universe. She's not a new character - she's been around since the early 1990s - but has just (well, about a year ago) gone solo in her own series, written by Jody Hauser and drawn by Francis Portela. Here's the […]

To school librarians, public libraries, librarian knights, custodians of our culture, you taught me well. I'll never forget you.

Chris Riddell and the Campaign for School Libraries

Libraries are having a hard time of it at the moment. The plight of public libraries is well documented, and it breaks my heart. As much as they may want to, however, the government cannot just close public libraries willy nilly. Thanks to the Public Libraries and Museums act of 1964, Public Libraries are protected […]

Thing 15: Library Advocacy

Library Advocacy - putting yourself out there to stand up for what you do. View image | Like many librarians, I'm not good at making a noise. I am much more comfortable quietly getting on with what I do, but I am all too aware that occasionally I will need to step out of […]

An End and A Beginning

I am sitting at home on my day off, a veritable pharmacy of cold and flu remedies sitting beside me. Outside, the rain it raineth mighty and long. It seems like a good time to reflect on the big change through which I am about to go. I have two weeks of work remaining as […]


One thing I love about working in a public library is the variety of enquiries you deal with. Family and local history, academic, medical, historical, literature, sporting, geographical, technical, legal, scientific, crossword clues... you never know what's coming next. My favourite enquiries are the ones where I have to do a bit of digging - […]