Do we live in a "post-truth" society? One where facts and knowledge aren't valued, where "experts" are dismissed for being killjoys? I hope not, but there has been a marked increase in this anti-intellectual, anti-fact rhetoric from certain (highly successful) political circles recently. Alongside this post-truth menace come deceit and lies, which have recently been rebranded […]

EPQ Update

Just a short one today to post an update on the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) course I blogged about in February. Quick recap: the EPQ is a mini-dissertation research project, usually offered to A-Level students to help prepare them for University. For the first time last year, our school offered it to a handful of […]


One thing I love about working in a public library is the variety of enquiries you deal with. Family and local history, academic, medical, historical, literature, sporting, geographical, technical, legal, scientific, crossword clues... you never know what's coming next. My favourite enquiries are the ones where I have to do a bit of digging - […]