Do we live in a "post-truth" society? One where facts and knowledge aren't valued, where "experts" are dismissed for being killjoys? I hope not, but there has been a marked increase in this anti-intellectual, anti-fact rhetoric from certain (highly successful) political circles recently. Alongside this post-truth menace come deceit and lies, which have recently been rebranded […]

Thing 23: Making It Work Together

Here it is - the final Thing! I made it! A lot of ground has been covered in these 23 Things, so an obvious question is, "How do I stay on top of all these tools, platforms, streams and other gubbins?". An answer would be to have a look at Rudaí23's final Thing! They suggest […]

Thing 18: Communicating through photographs

You know what they say about pictures and words. Instagram I run an Instagram account in my school library at the moment (although, I must confess, I have neglected it since the summer holidays. I must rectify that this week). I tweet pictures of new stock, author visits, events and random bits of loveliness that […]

Me and my library card, reflected in a mirror.

Thing 6: Reflective Practice

This Thing is about developing a habit of reflecting on what we are learning on the course, and to harness this reflective habit in our working lives, too. I have found the course more interesting and engaging than I feared I might - I consider myself proficient in many of the areas covered by this […]

Thing 5: Online Networks

I am not new to online networks. I've been on Twitter since 2008, and Facebook since 2007. At last count, I have two and a half personal twitter accounts (one private, one public and one shared with my partner) as well as a work one. I have a facebook profile (personal) and a facebook page […]