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I've fallen a bit behind with the Rudaí Things already - mainly due to going away last weekend. But I will have some time over the next couple of weeks to catch up, before I inevitably fall behind again in mid August when I go on holiday. But for now, here are my brief thoughts on Thing 3: Professional Branding, in which we create LinkedIn or profiles and develop our Professional Brands! I already had a LinkedIn profile (with a Profile Strength rating of All-Star!), so I decided to see what this business was all, er . . . about.

I have a vague recollection of looking at a number of years ago, and deciding it wasn't for me. That was in the days before I had a profession - maybe it will be better for me now? is basically an on-line business card. I've treated it as kind of a summary of the information on my LinkedIn page, focussing on the most relevant information and presenting it in a more striking and immediate way. This is what I've come up with. It remains to be seen how useful this will actually be in practice, but it has been a handy exercise to focus on some of my recent achievments and experiences.

I'll leave this brief as I am about to get started on Thing 4: Google!

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  1. Hi

    I like your page. I think of it as being a bit like LinkedIn, too. But the way you describe it as an online business card is a great analogy. In fact, when my Institute was ordering business cards for us, I asked them to print a link to my page as the "web address" part of the business card instead of the college URL (which is what everyone else got by default!).

    The Rudai23 Team

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